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March 2016 Archives

Teenager charged with stealing model spaceship from museum

Californians who are interested in Roswell, New Mexico, and its alleged UFOs from the 1950s may want to learn about a recent case in which a teenage boy was charged with stealing a model spacecraft from outside of the town's UFO museum. According to law enforcement authorities with the Roswell Police Department, the boy was one of three individuals who reportedly stole the spaceship and then smashed it along the side of a road.

California offers amnesty for traffic tickets

At the behest of Gov. Brown, California is experimenting with a new program where people with unpaid traffic tickets or failures to appear can receive legal amnesty and a greatly decreased fine. This program has been rolled out all across the state, although reports indicate some areas have been better served by it than others.

Criminal charges for History Channel favorite

Not all reality shows are vapid and sensational as the popular History Channel series "Pawn Stars" often features historical information and interesting finds from all over the world that are brought before pawn brokers who must authenticate and bargain for them. California fans of the show may be familiar with Austin Russell, who is better known as "Chumlee." He is now receiving attention not for his pawning prowess but an entanglement with law enforcement after he was detained by police on March 9.

California town gets tough on red light violations

The town of Santa Clarita has installed blue light enforcers on stop lights at seven major intersections in an effort to reduce red light violations. While these lights do give police the opportunity to monitor traffic that may go through an intersection after a light turns red, they are not traffic cameras. They simply provide police with an opportunity to monitor drivers without having to pursue them through intersections.

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