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July 2016 Archives

Lawsuit accuses Altai CEO of securities fraud

The CEO of Altai, a company producing gourmet marijuana candies distributed to over 100 dispensaries in California, faces a lawsuit from an investor. The investor maintained anonymity by having Hannaford Enterprises, LLC, bring the suit against Indus, the holding company of Altai. According to court filings, the investor claims that the CEO squandered the $750,000 that was entrusted to Altai.

Fraud charges for Florida congresswoman

A Florida congresswoman was indicted for fraud in early July 2016. According to allegations, Rep. Corrine Brown and her chief of staff used the $800,000 they collected in donations for an educational charity known as One Door for Education Foundation Inc. as a slush fund. The money was supposed to go toward school computer drives, scholarships and other education initiatives.

Fighting burglary charges

A number of defenses may be available to people in California who are facing burglary charges. The burden on the prosecution is to prove all three elements that must be involved for a charge of burglary to stand. In other words, they must prove that the person intended to commit a crime when they broke into and entered a house or other structure that was occupied.

Fighting traffic tickets in California

Many Californians are tempted to simply pay for their traffic tickets and to move on without challenging them. Doing so may cause problems with your driver's license, however, as points may be assessed against your driving record. This could potentially impact your privilege to drive.

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