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October 2014 Archives

Three things to remember during a DUI stop

Many people wonder what police officers look for when stopping a driver they suspect is driving under the influence of DUI. There is no mystery about what piques their interest. Indeed, officers may ask a battery of questions, and you may be afraid of answering them. But knowing what to expect can reduce your anxiety, and possibly lead to you not being arrested. No, we’re not saying that the information in this post will get you out of trouble, but it is helpful information that can come in handy if you are stopped. 

Mayor announces resignation after crash injures cheerleaders

The mayor of a California city is stepping down amid allegations that he was drunk at the time of a car accident that left four teenage girls injured. The mayor was taken into custody based on the determination of officers on the scene that he was impaired. A breath test indicated that his blood alcohol content was .07 percent, less than California's .08 percent legal limit.

6 men, 1 juvenile in California face drug charges

On Oct. 13, Santa Rosa police detained seven individuals on drug-related charges following a reported shooting. According to authorities, the shooting incident was reported at about 11 a.m., when a man told officials that he heard gunfire at a Finley Avenue residence. Purportedly, a confrontation over a sale involving marijuana took place at the residence.

When are defenses to theft charges in California?

In California, what the accused meant to do is not relevant when they are charged with certain crimes. Other criminal statutes make intent a key element. With those crimes, if the prosecution cannot prove that the defendant intended to break the specific law at issue, the jury should not find the defendant guilty.

What do defense attorneys look for in DUI breath tests?

A standard part of police traffic stops in which drinking and driving is involved is the breath test. Prosecutors like to use the results of the breath test, commonly known as the Breathalyzer, as evidence in a DUI case. It is supposed to be an objective, scientific way to measure how much alcohol was in the defendant’s body while he or she was driving.

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