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March 2015 Archives

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for two California women

On March 27, Visalia police arrested two women on suspicion of selling methamphetamine. The investigation began after one of the defendants gave false information to police during a traffic stop. According to authorities, a 30-year-old woman gave a fake name to officers when she was pulled over. An investigation uncovered that she was driving with a suspended license and had three outstanding warrants. Officers then searched her residence and a vehicle on the 400 block of Goshen Avenue.

Odometer Fraud leads to sentencing for 2 California men

The Justice Department helped investigate an odometer tampering scheme in California that resulted in a year and a day prison sentence for a 63-year-old Woodland Hills man. The U.S. District Court in Los Angeles sentenced the car salesman on March 16, and he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to tamper with odometers in November 2014. The man also must pay $115,818.80 to those who unknowingly purchased vehicles with incorrect mileages on the odometers.

The costs of speeding tickets can include more than just fines

California drivers who are facing speeding tickets often consider simply paying their fines and accepting points on their licenses. However, pleading guilty to a speeding offense may force drivers to continue paying for their tickets years after they were pulled over for speeding.

Cleaning up your record to get a CDL

Under the law AB-60, which took effect January 1, 2015, it is now possible for undocumented persons who can prove their identities, establish California residency and comply with other requirements, to receive a California driver license ("CDL"). Many of my clients are taking advantage of this excellent opportunity.


Having a criminal conviction on your record can prevent one from getting a desired job, promotion, professional license, even admission into school. Before the internet it was difficult for a prospective employer or other interested party to check to see whether an applicant was ever convicted of a crime. That's because the search would have required knowing in which court the record was stored, and then take the time to sort through paper files in order to find the conviction. But that all changed with the advent of online databases that collect and store in easily-searchable formats your entire life's history, including any criminal convictions. Now, it's a simple matter of going online, paying a fee to a commercial database company, and plugging some basic information.

Prenuptial agreements

In California, as in most states, engaged couples may enter into a legal-binding contract that will govern certain important issues in the event of a divorce, including especially questions of classification of future income, disposition of property, and spousal support. However, prenuptial agreements may not include issues of child custody and child support.

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