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September 2016 Archives

DWI prevention patches may arrive in California

Many individuals who drive under the influence in California and across the country are not aware that they are too intoxicated to drive. This is because alcohol can reduce someone's decision making abilities, and they may feel that they are better able to handle themselves in a vehicle than they are. A start-up, DermaTec, believes that they may have a solution to this problem.

Managing driving issues related to pot legalization

California residents will have a chance to vote in November on a proposition dealing with legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Some might be concerned about the potential legal problems they could face because of blood or urine testing in a DUI case. While standards for alcohol limits are clear, few states have developed standards related to driving and THC intoxication levels. A Stanford University team may change this situation with a new technology that is in development.

Police use tracking device on arson suspect's car

According to investigators with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, a GPS tracking device that was placed on an arson suspect's vehicle resulted in his arrest following a blaze. The man was taken into custody after investigators say that a fire started in an area within a minute of the man's vehicle being there.

Evidence the prosecution needs to prove drug possession

When a California resident is accused of drug possession, the authorities and prosecution must prove that the accused person was knowingly in possession of illegal substances. In order to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, there are certain legal requirements that must be met.

Parental rules affect underage drinking

Underage alcohol consumption is a major issue and is often associated with a variety of unsafe activities, such as vandalism, drunk driving and violence among peers. However, California parents who are concerned about their underage children drinking alcohol may be able to curtail the behavior by establishing clear rules.

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