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December 2015 Archives

Red lights and stop sign laws

Although stop signs and red lights are fairly clear about what they are telling people, a frequent traffic citation is for running red lights or stop signs. In some cases, citations are written because a person does not come to a complete stop, which is frequently referred to as a rolling stop or, in the Golden State, the "California roll".

Supreme Court to rule on mandatory breath tests

California is one of the states that has considered laws making it a crime to refuse a breath test for alcohol, and on Dec. 11, the Supreme Court agreed to hear cases from states where this is the case. In both cases, drivers refused a breath test and were charged with a crime.

Venezuelan national guard head and general to face drug charges

California residents might have heard that the head of Venezuela's National Guard is one of the country's high-ranking officials who will face drug-related charges. While officials in Venezuela have claimed that the investigations are efforts to destabilize the government, federal investigators say that people in the armed forces and high in the government are also involved in trafficking cocaine.

Distracted driving charges in California

Many California residents would feel helpless without their smartphones, but using them while driving could lead to an accident as well as a ticket. Distracted driving is doing anything behind the wheel that takes attention away from the road ahead, and it is becoming an increasingly serious problem as technology becomes ever more pervasive. While most people associate distracted driving with using a cellphone while behind the wheel, motorists could also be cited for failing to pay due care and attention if a police officer sees them eating, putting on makeup or reading.

5 to plead guilty to health care fraud charges

On Nov. 24, federal prosecutors in California announced that five people had been charged for participating in a $600 million health care kickback scheme. One of the accused individuals formerly worked as the chief financial officer for a hospital in California. Among the five accused people, two have already pleaded guilty, and three are expected to plead guilty.

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