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October 2019 Archives

A rare disease that turns the body into a brewery

California residents may be interested in learning about a condition that can, in essence, turn the human body into a brewery. Doctors were working with a patient who constantly had elevated blood alcohol levels. However, the patient denied ever drinking alcohol. Research led to the discovery of a condition known as auto brewery syndrome, or ABS. This condition leaves the body's gastrointestinal system to turn carbohydrates that are ingested into alcohol.

California authorities make massive fentanyl bust

In mid-October, Southern California authorities announced the seizure of 18 pounds of the potent synthetic opioid fentanyl. Investigators say the amount was sufficient to create 4 million deadly doses of the drug and has an estimated street value of $1.25 million.

California woman charged with immigration fraud

A California woman has been indicted on five counts of wire fraud for allegedly promising to help immigrants become permanent residents or American citizens and then pocketing their money. U.S. attorneys say she did not file any paperwork on behalf of her clients with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, was not licensed to practice law in any state and had no business license. The woman was released from custody after posting an undisclosed bond.

The latest sentence in the U.S. college admissions scandal

California residents have likely heard of the ongoing college admissions scandal that involves famous names like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. Several wealthy individuals were charged with allegedly using fraudulent means to gain acceptance into prestigious universities for their children. One of the parents charged in the scandal was sentenced on Sept 24.

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