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Couple arrested for delivering drugs with drone

On Dec. 28, police arrested a California couple for allegedly attempting to deal drugs from their house by using a drone. Authorities said that they investigated the defendants after receiving a tip in early December about illegal activity taking place at the home.

California may ease the burden of marijuana convictions

After the passing of Prop 64 in California, it may be possible for those with convictions related to marijuana use to be reduced or eliminated. There have been more than 4,000 people who have petitioned the courts asking for leniency. By offering to reduce or eliminate convictions for marijuana, it may make it easier for individuals to find work or otherwise live a higher quality of life.

Los Angeles approves recreational marijuana

On Dec. 6, the Los Angeles City Council voted to allow the sale, cultivation and use of recreational marijuana within city limits. The move makes L.A., which has a population of 4 million people, the largest U.S. city to approve such measures. The new rules are set to take effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

Actress pleads not guilty to drug charge

California residents may have known that actress Rose McGowan was charged with felony drug possession in Virginia. McGowan's legal representation entered a not guilty plea on her behalf in a courtroom in Loudon County. A warrant to take McGowan into custody was obtained in February 2017, and the actress turned herself over to authorities on Nov. 14. According to media reports, an airport worker found a wallet that belonged to McGowan that had two bags of a powdery substance in it.

Criminalizing drugs is ineffective

Many Californians are arrested for low-level drug crimes. Despite evidence that the criminalization of drug use doesn't work, law enforcement agencies across the nation continue to enforce drug laws to the detriment of the defendants, their families and the community at large.

Controlled substance schedules

California residents may be interested in how the federal government classifies controlled substances. The term 'controlled substance" is loosely defined as a drug that has the potential to cause harm to a person's health. Since 1970, the government has classified controlled substances by placing each into one of five numbered categories. Technically it is illegal for a person to possess any drug on any of the five classification schedules, but many of the drugs are available by prescription from a doctor, and having a valid prescription for a drug generally exempts people from being prosecuted.

Undercover drug buys in North Bay lead to 5 arrests

An 11-month undercover operation culminated with the arrest of five suspects, two from Petaluma and three from San Rafael, who are accused of possessing and selling cocaine and methamphetamine. Multiple law enforcement agencies throughout the North and East Bay along with the California Highway Patrol participated in the investigation that began when the Marin County Major Crimes Task Force received tips about narcotics distribution in the county.

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