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CHP finds 100 kilograms of heroin in tractor-trailer

According to the California Highway Patrol, a tractor-trailer driving through the Victor Valley was found to be carrying an estimated $11 million worth of heroin. A spokesperson said that an officer stopped the truck's driver for allegedly speeding north on the 15 Freeway in Hesperia around 8 a.m. on Dec. 1.

Upon stopping the truck, the officer reportedly used his K-9 dog to sniff the truck, and the dog reportedly alerted on the outside of the truck and subsequently on the interior. The officer stated that he then discovered the heroin in the back of the trailer mixed together with the remainder of the load. Officers aid that an estimated 100 kilograms of heroin was seized.

According to the CHP, it is believed that the truck was destined for Canada. While the truck was stopped in Hesperia, it was taken to Victorville for unloading. The driver was placed under arrest for drug possession and transporting drugs. The officer who made the stop stated that it was the biggest drug bust for heroin that he had ever seen in his career.

Drug trafficking may result in very severe consequences if a person is convicted of the offense. People who are facing such serious charges might want to retain a criminal defense attorney with experience in defending drug crimes cases. An attorney may be able to spot problems with how a stop, search and seizure were conducted. In some cases it could be possible for the attorney to successfully argue that the driver was not involved in the loading of the vehicle and thus had no knowledge that it contained illegal drugs.

Source: Victor Valley News, "$11 million worth of heroin seized in the Victor Valley," Hugo Valdez, Dec. 1, 2016.

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