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Fighting traffic tickets in California

Many Californians are tempted to simply pay for their traffic tickets and to move on without challenging them. Doing so may cause problems with your driver's license, however, as points may be assessed against your driving record. This could potentially impact your privilege to drive.

A large number of different types of traffic violations have points assessed under the California Vehicle Code. If you have too many points assessed against your driving record over a specified period of time, your license may be revoked or suspended as a result. In most cases, fighting against a traffic ticket may be a good idea. Those of you who have commercial driver's licenses may especially need to fight against traffic violations as they can impact your career.

It is possible to negotiate pleas for offenses that do not carry points or for ones that carry fewer points. All manners of traffic violations may be pleaded down, including DUIs, speeding tickets, running traffic control devices, reckless driving, leaving an accident scene, driving on the wrong side of the road and others. No matter what type of traffic violation you might be facing, you may be able to secure a better outcome by fighting it.

At our law firm, we are experienced with helping our clients negotiate favorable deals for their traffic tickets. We are often able to convince the assigned prosecutor to extend offers for lesser traffic offenses or ones that do not carry points. This may help our clients preserve their driving records as well as their privileges to drive. If you are interested in the types of assistance we might be able to provide, we have information on our commercial driver's license page for your review.

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