"John represented me on two serious felony charges that could have sent me to prison for four years. John really knew what he was doing. He managed to poke holes in the DA's case. After about five times in court, John got the charges reduced to a single misdemeanor with no jail time, just classes. I'm so glad that I retained John to help me with this case."

Paul G.

"John is a creative energetic attorney who was always able to find solutions to difficult problems while General Counsel for MCT's Russian operations. John also has the ability to get along with most anyone, finding humor with potential adversaries and advancing what otherwise might be difficult negotiations through both personality and intellect." November 7, 2010

Garth Self, President, Russian Operations, MCT Corp./Indigo Mobile Group
managed John at Law Offices of John Patrick Ryan

"I worked with John on the Management team at Nestle Russia (a billion dollar company in Russia), he was General Counsel. John was extremely knowledgeable and very proactive in his work on the Management team. He was particularly good at spotting problems before they became serious. He also dealt very professionally and effectively with serious legal issues that arose in the course of his work there. I recommend him without any reservation." November 7, 2010

Sergey Grachev, Chief Information Officer, Nestlé
worked directly with John at Nestle Food, LLC

"I retained John to handle an expungement of a couple of misdemeanors from over twenty five years ago. These convictions were so old that the court had lost the file. John worked with the court and managed to get me the expungement order that I needed to advance in my job. Thank you John!"

Thomas A.

"I retained John to assist me with a difficult divorce. John and his staff guided me through that tough period of my life with caring professionalism. I recommend John highly."

Ryan D.