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Drug Charges Archives

Appeals court ruling could impact California residents

An opinion delivered by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit could call into question the accuracy of K-9 drug sniffing units used by authorities in California and around the country. The case in question involved a St. Louis man who was sentenced to 20 years in prison after being found in possession of cocaine in 2010. Police found the substance after a search of his car was triggered by the findings of a drug sniffing dog.

POW and celebrity's brother caught up in drug raids

Two drug raids in Redwood Valley only days apart have put Bowe Bergdahl and the brother of actress Alicia Silverstone in the headlines. The first action by law enforcement in Northern California occurred on a ranch, where authorities seized 181 marijuana plants. Bergdahl was on the property at the time, but he claimed to be visiting friends.

President Obama commutes sentences of 46 people

California readers may be interested to learn that President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 46 mostly nonviolent drug offenders on July 13. According to the White House, most of the individuals would have already completed their sentences had current sentencing laws been in effect at the time they were charged.

States reducing penalties for low-level drug crimes

California residents may be shocked to learn that some of Connecticut's drug laws, which are often considered to be some of the harshest in the country, are scheduled to become more lenient in the fall of 2015. Some of the changes may include reducing certain felonies to misdemeanors.

Researchers developing fingerprint test for cocaine

California residents may be interested in learning about a new type of drug test for cocaine that involves fingerprints. Reportedly, the test works through an analysis of chemicals left behind in the ridges of a person's fingertips when they have used cocaine.

Councilman pleads guilty to possession of meth

California residents may be interested to learn that a Perris city councilman entered a guilty plea to charges that he possessed methamphetamine with the intent to sell it. The 29-year-old man's plea was entered in court on May 11. According to police reports, the man had reportedly contacted the police in order to report that his iPad, which had been issued to him by the city, had been stolen. Responding officers asserted that he appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine and that he was found to be in possession of the drug.


La Gente del Estado de California recientemente aprobó la Proposición 47, que entró en vigor el 05 de Noviembre de 2014. El propósito principal de la Proposición 47 es "asegurar que el gasto de la prisión está enfocado en delitos mayores y violentos" y a "maximizar alternativas para delitos que no son graves y no-violenta..." (Propuesta 44 sección 2). En otras palabras, los votantes de California ya no quieren molestar la sistema penitenciario del Estado con presos condenados por delitos de drogas relativamente de menor importancia (como simple posesión) y delitos relacionados con el robo (que involucra propiedad valorados en menos de $950).


The People of the State of California recently adopted Proposition 47, which took effect on November 5, 2014. The main purpose of Proposition 47 is to "ensure that prison spending is focused on violent and serious offenses" and to "maximize alternatives for non-serious, nonviolent crime . . ." (Proposition 44 section 2). In other words, California voters no longer want to burden the State's prison system with inmates convicted of relatively minor drug crimes (like simple possession) and theft-related crimes (involving property valued at under $950).

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for two California women

On March 27, Visalia police arrested two women on suspicion of selling methamphetamine. The investigation began after one of the defendants gave false information to police during a traffic stop. According to authorities, a 30-year-old woman gave a fake name to officers when she was pulled over. An investigation uncovered that she was driving with a suspended license and had three outstanding warrants. Officers then searched her residence and a vehicle on the 400 block of Goshen Avenue.

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