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Relief for drivers who can't afford traffic fines

Some California drivers who face fines for traffic violations might soon have another alternative to forking over the money. Advocates for motorists in Solano County have reached a settlement with the Superior Court that would allow people who owe fines for traffic tickets they can't afford to pay to pay in installments or request community service instead of a fine.

Bill could base traffic citations on a person's income

California lawmakers are considering a bill that would base the fees associated with a traffic violations on the person's income. According to the state senator who introduced the bill, the state's large fines for minor traffic violations can cause many people to go into debt as well as lose their driver's license and their job if they can no longer get to work.

Fighting traffic tickets in California

Many Californians are tempted to simply pay for their traffic tickets and to move on without challenging them. Doing so may cause problems with your driver's license, however, as points may be assessed against your driving record. This could potentially impact your privilege to drive.

Public intoxication charges and defenses

California residents who find themselves facing charges for public intoxication may be interested in considering how their case might be viewed in criminal court. A number of elements must usually be met in order for a public intoxication charge to be viable, and if one is not, then a legal defense could be raised that might potentially lead to a beneficial outcome for the charged individual.

Dealing with a California traffic ticket

At first glance, it appears that getting a speeding ticket in California will not be that expensive. The base fine for going up to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit is just $35, and the base fine for going more than 15 miles over the speed limit is $70. However, this is misleading because the state tacks on a variety of fines and surcharges.

California offers amnesty for traffic tickets

At the behest of Gov. Brown, California is experimenting with a new program where people with unpaid traffic tickets or failures to appear can receive legal amnesty and a greatly decreased fine. This program has been rolled out all across the state, although reports indicate some areas have been better served by it than others.

California town gets tough on red light violations

The town of Santa Clarita has installed blue light enforcers on stop lights at seven major intersections in an effort to reduce red light violations. While these lights do give police the opportunity to monitor traffic that may go through an intersection after a light turns red, they are not traffic cameras. They simply provide police with an opportunity to monitor drivers without having to pursue them through intersections.

New discounts for outstanding traffic fines

Some California residents have a limited window of opportunity to clear away some of their traffic ticket debts. The superior courts in all 58 counties in the state have approved an amnesty program for people with certain types of outstanding traffic fines. Those residents who qualify will be able to get a discount of between 50 and 80 percent off of their delinquent fines.

Red lights and stop sign laws

Although stop signs and red lights are fairly clear about what they are telling people, a frequent traffic citation is for running red lights or stop signs. In some cases, citations are written because a person does not come to a complete stop, which is frequently referred to as a rolling stop or, in the Golden State, the "California roll".

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