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Reasonable suspicion can lead to a traffic stop and a DUI arrest

Drivers have to ensure they're always following the laws. Failure to do this can result in being pulled over by a police officer. One thing that some individuals might not realize is that you don't have to actually break a law to be pulled over. Officers can initiate a traffic stop if they have reasonable suspicion that you're committing a crime.

New York Times study reveals problems with breath tests

In California and across the United States, breath tests may no longer constitute accurate ways to measure whether drivers are inebriated while driving their vehicles. A recent New York Times report mentioned that approximately 30,000 breath tests were not used in court because of their inaccuracies. Sometimes, the breath tests are not even properly calibrated, which often results in inaccurate readings. The thorough investigation involved interviews with more than 100 attorneys, business executives, law enforcement officers and scientific researchers.

A rare disease that turns the body into a brewery

California residents may be interested in learning about a condition that can, in essence, turn the human body into a brewery. Doctors were working with a patient who constantly had elevated blood alcohol levels. However, the patient denied ever drinking alcohol. Research led to the discovery of a condition known as auto brewery syndrome, or ABS. This condition leaves the body's gastrointestinal system to turn carbohydrates that are ingested into alcohol.

Police question the value of THC testing devices

Police officers in California and around the country may soon be issued with portable devices that are able to detect the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties in a breath sample, but legal experts and scientists are not convinced that the results of these tests will be of any real value. One of the THC breath-testing devices currently being tested uses nanotubes thousands of times smaller than a human hair to detect THC. Its developers say that it will only return a positive result when marijuana has been consumed recently, but even that may not be enough to support an impaired driving charge.

Man faces DUI charges as officer sees open container during stop

When law enforcement in California initiates a traffic stop for any reason, the officer will check for signs of violations when investigating. This is true even if the stop was unrelated to suspected driving under the influence. If there are signs or evidence of a driver who is intoxicated, it will likely lead to an arrest. One reason for an arrest to be made is if there is an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.

California man charged with DUI after fatal accident

The California Highway Patrol believes that a 24-year-old San Joaquin Valley man was drunk and speeding when his GMC pickup truck ran through a stop sign in Tulare County and struck a Pontiac sedan on the night of May 12. The 75-year-old woman behind the wheel of the Pontiac and her 67-year-old female passenger lost their lives in the crash. The man also suffered serious injuries in the accident and was rushed by paramedics to the Kaweah Delta Medical Center. He faces a raft of charges including vehicular manslaughter and DUI involving an injury.

Low-carb diets may cause false positives on roadside tests

Some Californians are on the keto diet in an effort to lose weight or manage diabetes. The keto diet involves following a strict low-carb regimen so that the body will go into ketosis. During ketosis, the body burns fat for fuel in the absence of carbohydrates. While the keto diet is popular, it might also cause people to have false positives on roadside preliminary breath tests when police suspect that the driver is under the influence.

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