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Three people accused of GameStop armed robbery

GameStop and other companies that sell attractive, popular consumer goods like video games in Texas may be particularly likely to be robbed. Three people are facing charges after they allegedly stole $4,500 in Nintendo Switch gaming consoles and accessories from one local GameStop. Police say that the Feb. 1 incident was a dramatic armed robbery in which the three people involved used zip ties to restrain store employees while taking the merchandise away, brandishing a gun at the time.

California man pleads not guilty to 33 fraud and theft charges

During a preliminary hearing in a Van Nuys courtroom, a 37-year-old man entered not guilty pleas for all 33 charges against him for fraud and theft. He had already decided against a plea deal that limited his sentence in state prison to no more than seven years.

Police in California searching for burglary suspects

Police in California apprehended three suspects in connection with the attempted armed robbery of a legal marijuana growing business in Patterson. The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department says that as many as nine more individuals may have been involved. The attempted burglary occurred just nine days after a group of individuals assaulted a security guard at the facility. The business owner believes that the same group was responsible for both incidents.

Police use tracking device on arson suspect's car

According to investigators with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, a GPS tracking device that was placed on an arson suspect's vehicle resulted in his arrest following a blaze. The man was taken into custody after investigators say that a fire started in an area within a minute of the man's vehicle being there.

Fighting burglary charges

A number of defenses may be available to people in California who are facing burglary charges. The burden on the prosecution is to prove all three elements that must be involved for a charge of burglary to stand. In other words, they must prove that the person intended to commit a crime when they broke into and entered a house or other structure that was occupied.

Men accused of stealing Red Bull worth $4,700

Police in California have reported that four men and a juvenile were taken into custody on June 3 in connection with an alleged theft of a quantity of the popular energy drink Red Bull worth approximately $4,700. The men, who are all said to be Oakland residents, were transported to a Solano County detention facility after being processed. The minor was taken to a juvenile hall. The men are facing a variety of charges including conspiracy, being in possession of stolen property and suspicion of burglary as well as a number of probation and motor vehicle violations.

Teenager charged with stealing model spaceship from museum

Californians who are interested in Roswell, New Mexico, and its alleged UFOs from the 1950s may want to learn about a recent case in which a teenage boy was charged with stealing a model spacecraft from outside of the town's UFO museum. According to law enforcement authorities with the Roswell Police Department, the boy was one of three individuals who reportedly stole the spaceship and then smashed it along the side of a road.

Beehives stolen from almond farms in California

Bee pollination during the month of February is an important component of California's almond harvest. Due to a bee shortage in the state, many almond farmers rent beehives from beekeepers to ensure that their almond orchards get pollinated. Though beekeepers are charging higher rental fees this year, they are also losing money from theft.

Man accepts plea in theft of museum artifacts

Readers from California may be interested to know that a 76-year-old man has agreed to a plea agreement related to the theft of Native American artifacts. The man was an employee of the National Park Service and managed the site where the artifacts were kept from 1971 to 1994.

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