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Drunk driving and other reasons for driver's license revocation

Drivers in California are required to have a valid driver's license in order to legally operate a vehicle on the roadways. Driving when your driver's license is suspended is illegal and can lead to criminal charges. There are many reasons why a person's driver's license might be revoked, so remembering these might help you avoid being placed in a situation that leads to it.

Underage drinking can lead to a revocation until you turn 18 or for one year. Whichever one is later is the one that will be used.

You can lose your license if you refuse to take a chemical test for drugs or alcohol. It doesn't matter if you're guilty or not guilty of driving under the influence. Simply refusing to take the test is grounds for a suspension.

If you're convicted of impaired driving, you will lose your driving privileges for at least six months. The time period increases with subsequent convictions. People who lose their driving privileges for this reason can ask the court to issue a restricted license, so they can still handle essential tasks like going to work.

Some of the other reasons a person might lose their driver's license include not having vehicle insurance, failing to appear in court for a traffic ticket, failing to report a traffic accident and failing to pay court ordered child support.

Once you lose your license, you will have to go through a process to get it back. Driving before you do this completely can lead to serious legal issues, including being arrested and facing new criminal charges.

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