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POW and celebrity's brother caught up in drug raids

Two drug raids in Redwood Valley only days apart have put Bowe Bergdahl and the brother of actress Alicia Silverstone in the headlines. The first action by law enforcement in Northern California occurred on a ranch, where authorities seized 181 marijuana plants. Bergdahl was on the property at the time, but he claimed to be visiting friends.

Authorities did not charge him, but he was escorted back to his current military base. Bergdahl originally attained notoriety as a prisoner of war in Afghanistan after military officials gained his release in exchange for five Taliban leaders. He stands accused by the military for desertion in 2009 and awaits his court martial date.

After the Bergdahl incident, another Redwood Valley drug enforcement raid resulted in the arrest of Alicia Silverstone's brother. The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office charged the 43-year-old man with marijuana possession for the purpose of sale along with cultivation and processing. A bond of $25,000 secured his release about one hour after his arrest. His famous sister is best known for her role in the 1995 film "Clueless." Mendocino authorities have not released any more details about his arrest.

A person caught up in a drug raid has a right to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible after the arrest. A criminal defense attorney could advise the client not to make any statements to authorities. The potential penalties for drug trafficking or possession could be outlined. Defense counsel could also examine the police investigation report to see if the search that resulted in the seizure of drugs was carried out improperly.

Source: Inside Edition, "Alicia Silverstone's Brother Arrested for Drug Possession During Raid", July 27, 2015

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