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Three things to remember during a DUI stop

Many people wonder what police officers look for when stopping a driver they suspect is driving under the influence of DUI. There is no mystery about what piques their interest. Indeed, officers may ask a battery of questions, and you may be afraid of answering them. But knowing what to expect can reduce your anxiety, and possibly lead to you not being arrested. No, we’re not saying that the information in this post will get you out of trouble, but it is helpful information that can come in handy if you are stopped. 

Keep steady eye contact – Officers are trained to look in a suspect’s eyes to learn as much about them, and to confirm their suspicions of guilt. If your eyes are red and bloodshot, the officer may think you have been drinking. If you have sleepy eyes, you may have been smoking marijuana. But if you have confident or quizzical eyes, chances are that you just are surprised that you’re being stopped.

Don’t make any sudden moves – It may seem cliché, but keeping your hands where the officer can see them and avoiding any sudden moves is helpful not only for you, but it keeps the officer at ease as well. Police are trained to think that any vehicle stop could be their last, so they are always on guard.

Be polite – There is something to say about the saying “nice makes right.” No, being nice to the officer does not always get you out of getting a citation, but it could help you avoid being arrested.


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