Visalia Expungement Attorney

Have you been convicted of a crime? Are you interested in learning how you may be able to clear your criminal record?

One of the most serious consequences of being convicted of a crime is that you have a public "record." In other words, if you apply to attend school or apply for a loan or land a good job you may find your "record" standing in your way. Any criminal conviction on your record can cause you problems.

What Is an Expungement?

Fortunately, you can clean up your record in California through a process known as "expungement." In order to apply for expungement with the Court, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have completed probation successfully
  • You must have paid all fines, fees and restitution
  • You must not be on probation for another offense
  • You must not have a new criminal charge pending against you

If the Court grants your application, then you may enter a plea of "not guilty" and the Court will dismiss the case. For most purposes, it's as if the conviction never happened. You can, for example, tell a potential private employer that you were never convicted of a crime on a job application, but there are some exceptions for government jobs. While the court and law enforcement will still have your file, the file will be updated to show that your case was dismissed under a "not guilty" plea.

Even if your conviction is expunged, it could still be charged in a subsequent case as a prior conviction. In addition, it will not automatically restore the right to own a firearm, and it likewise doesn't affect the duty to register as a sex offender if that was ordered under the expunged case.