Visalia Breath Test Defense Attorney

Many people believe that if they fail a DUI breath test, they will automatically be convicted of drunk driving. This is not necessarily true.

As soon as you have been charged with DUI, you have a choice. You can plead guilty and suffer potential criminal consequences and lose your driver's license. Or you can talk to a criminal defense attorney who may be able to get your charges dismissed and help you avoid a conviction.

I am John Patrick Ryan, a Visalia lawyer who can help challenge breath test evidence in your DUI case. I can also help you seek the best possible resolution of your case so you can avoid fines, jail time and the loss of your license. Please contact my law office online today to schedule a free consultation.

Challenging Breath Test Results

There are many potential ways to challenge Breathalyzer test results in a DUI defense case:

  • Was the Breathalyzer test properly calibrated?
  • Was the individual administering the test properly trained?
  • Was a mistake made during the administration of the test?
  • Were results consistent with blood alcohol content (BAC) test scores?

When you work with my law firm, I will ask important questions to identify possible defenses in your case. I have extensive experience in drunk driving defense, and am skilled at coming up with creative defenses in an effort to fully protect each client's rights.